For startups, solid HR function is a must. Many startup businesses fail due to wrong hiring, exit of key employees and wrong workforce planning. The Briminc can work as an external HR desk for your company and develop HR strategies and provide HR infrastructure that will pull out all your human resource challenges. As a result, you can focus on business growth and making profits rather than managing HR problems.

Following are just few listed services for Startups:

  • Understand the need of right HR and Administrative policies and get them implemented in your organization with ease

  • No need to worry about the HR compliances, our experts are here to ensure all compliances are met.

  • Not getting the right fit for the open job roles although spent hours on screening? We follow a smartly defined recruitment funnel that enables you to select the best out of the best.

  • The initial onboarding is one of the crucial stages for start-ups. The Briminc has a set of creative onboarding procedure that ensures that employee is all set and ready for delivering to his best.

  • Once an employee joins the organisation, it is important to ensure that the employee is well set in the culture and doesn’t feel insecure about the company's future. The Briminc help organizations with non-traditional ways of increasing employee engagement, satisfaction, and happiness.

  • If you are puzzled with best performance evaluation procedure, The Briminc can give you the best approach depending on the nature of your business and the KPIs, KRAs are all in line with the vision, mission and values of the company.

  • Our team helps you in organizing the business records, resumes, sensitive information, and performance evaluations in an effective manner such that you can pull out any information from the arranged records.