[GUIDE] How to find qualified candidates for your company

Finding high-quality talent is and has become the number one problem for both enterprises and startups. Founders, CEOs and HR professionals usually discuss how difficult it is to find, attract and retain high-quality employees.

While initially, businesses and startups focus on sales, they immediately recognize the need to scale teams to scale the company. Here we share some of the essential tips that can help you hire the right talent for your company:

Talent Sourcing

Talent sourcing is searching and researching for passive and active candidates who can apply for the job

There were times when you would post a job, and there will be a swarm of high-quality application, those times are gone. Today, we have to be actively using techniques that can lead our efforts to get the right talent to apply for the job.

Identify Candidate Persona

The very first and essential step in the process of sourcing is to identify how a right fit candidate looks like. If you have not yet find the answer to this question posting jobs might not be helpful. The best way to build a persona is to ask your existing employees the following questions:

  • What made you apply to this company?
  • What do you like the most about the company?
  • Which social sites do you spend your time on?
  • What are your primary personal and professional goals?
  • What aspect of company culture do you like the most?
  • Which skills are you learning currently?

These questions will give you a fair idea of your ideal candidate. Now, that you have persona ready let's learn various ways to find these candidates


Implement an employee referral program. Donot just ask for receommendations, have a structured program and incentivise it.
The current employees are very much aware about the company culture and work ethics. Most high performing employees know why they are important for the organization and they are very likely to refer someone they believe can bring in those values

Bolean Search

Google, Bing, Monster, Dice or Seek, all support searching through boolean operators. Using boolean operators you can search for profiles that match your skill criteria and are based in your location. Various boolean operators are: AND, OR, NOT, (), "". Boolean search has become very popular because of quality of results the queries return.

Social Media

Social media is where your most of your candiates are spending time and it is best to target them there. The best way to use social media for recruting is by sharing employee stories, testimonials of clients, progress updates, achievements and competitions. Build interactive ways to engage your passive candidates. Glassdoor has estimated that 79% recruiters use social media when searching for candidates.

Compay Career Page

52% of candidates seek out a company's sites and social media to learn more about an employer before applying for a job

Maintaining a company website has many perks. Specifically, a career page gives a snapshot to a candidate of the company culture and the spirit. Specially designed career pages converts better and results in more applications. Following are few parameters which you can optimize on your company's page:

  • Team introduction
  • Employee testimonials
  • Open applications
  • Basic SEO and Analytics
  • Team photos (works best for startups)

Experiment with what works in your sector. It is possible that facebook may yield better result than linkedin for you or that referral is your number one source of applications. Finding right talent is not easy but with right processes it will not look daunting and will be more approchable. Happy Sourcing!