7 Hiring Tips For Startups & SMEs Hiring First 10 Employees

When you are running a startup and planning to scale, one of the scary task is to do successful hires. Hiring is hard and hiring for startups can be more intimidating. When you are a small company with tight budgets, wrong hires can potentially make or break the startup. For a young startup, recruitment can be daunting. The best thing is to learn from the successful CEOs who have already done it in the past. Here are 7 proven tips:

Build your company with a strong mission and vision.

In your most early days, you won't have the money related assets to offer large checks to your employees. So as to persuade top ability to come and work for you, you have to fabricate an organization with an incredible strategic vision that energizes them. As an organizer, you should have the option to impart your long haul vision to your potential employees and present your organization in the most ideal manner. "Do you want to sell sugar water for rest of your life, or would you like to accompany me and change the world?" That question by Steve Jobs persuaded John Scully, a Pepsi official at the time, to join Apple.

Know what are you hiring for

It might not sound very intuitive but many founders donot have clarity on what they are hirigng for. You must have thorogh idea on why you want to hire right now. When you ask this question make sure to understand the type of tasks you need help with. As an example, "I need help to build strong social presence" or "I need people who can do sales" are slightly broad and can be narrowed down to have more focus. "I need people who have experience selling for X type of audience" has more substance than the previous sentence

When you do this you tend to shift your focus from hiring just for the tasks or designation to why you are hiring for.

Lookout for your fans and hire them

Fans are motivated and are enthusiastic to work with. Hiring a fan means they will take ownership in the company and will work more purposefully than the regular hire. Fans talk about their work and are proud to associate themselves with the company everywhere. This creates a strong brand of the company in their close circle and eventually their friends end up applying for the job. There can be scenario where fans do not have the right skills for the job but you should hire them anyway. Attitude is far more important than skills. Make a role and they will end up learning what is expected from them.

Hire individuals who seek growth

You might want to consider this wonderful hiring advice from Mike Laven, CEO of Currency Cloud: “The first company I started had a former professional basketball player on the board, who told me something I’ve never forgotten. ‘Everybody wants to win, so go after people who want to practice.’”
While you will have individuals who will come early, skip lunch and go late but unless they spend few hours for self-improvement they risk falling behind as the organization scale. Willingness to grow triumph working harder.

Hire remote employees

You might be struggling in finding local talents. While writing the job description consider if a remote hire can fulfil the role as needed. Hiring remote employees open up the world as the opportunity to scale your organization. However, to instil belongingness and vision in remote hires proper use of collaboration tools are recommended

Is your company a great place to work?

Ask and be aware of how much your current employees enjoy working in your company. Building a great culture in the company has its own merit. The happy employees talk about it with their friends and spread the word about it. A great place inspires confidence, trust and promotes team work. Small things adds up - Get a good coffee machine, plan a gaming area or a break-out area where employees can socialize. All of us want to work in a healthy work environment and knowing that founders care for it cultivates belongingness in the company. Whenever you are posting the job and before you hit publish button ask yourself - "Will you enjoy working in your own company?"

Consider Hiring Millenials

They are internally driven, usually stay away from 9 am to 5 pm schedule and want to get things done. This type of drive is not popular in older generation but can be very fruitful to drive growth in the company. Millennials however want to create their own schedule and work in their productive hours. If your company can find ways to manage them then you should consider hiring as they can achieve extraordinary results.

Hiring great talent takes time and is an ongoing process. The above tips will help you discover and hire the best talent for your startup. Happy hiring!