3 Steps to scale your team effectively

A very different set of competencies are required in building and scaling a startup. One part is about creating a scalable product whereas the other part is about selling. Selling not only to the clients but also to potential people for them to join the company. In the initial days, startups don't have the budget to employ people with heavy salaries. Therefore the value proposition they have for employees is completely driven by a sense of purpose. Here are 3 steps to scale your startup’s team.

Sell your vision

As mentioned earlier, it is very important for people to find a sense of purpose in the company. Since these are the people who would be initial members, they need to have clarity on what the company aims to achieve. If they are aligned with the company’s purpose, they would surely join you. Show them the larger picture that your company is working for. Tell them what is the market gap that you aim to solve and how important it is to solve it. When people start to find meaning and excitement in the company’s purpose - they tend to get associated.

Founder Connect

More the time a founder spends with the team, more is the engagement level that the team has. In the initial days, the founder is the face of the company and the better the employees connect with the founder, better would be their association with the company too. Discuss your plans for the company with the team, invite ideas from them and involve them closely in the growth journey. It is very important to tell the team members about how critical their role is for the company’s growth. 

Make your employees your brand ambassadors

The best way to find a top performer is to ask another top performer. Employee referrals are the best way to look for talent. Usually people have friends from similar backgrounds. In this case, it is extremely important that your current employees become the brand ambassadors of the company. When they would be talking about their experience with your company, it would be helpful in inviting the best talent out there to work with you. Employee referrals can also be incentivised by having a policy for referral bonuses.

Remember that salary and other monetary benefits are just one part of the employee value proposition. An inspirational vision and exciting culture act the best to attract talent.